• Our dedicated VAT team will help you to consider the full impact of VAT through all stages of your business, from considering a new activity, through to acquisitions, overseas expansion and disposal of part of the business.

  • Implementing VAT in an organization means updating and upgrading the entire ERP system and identifying the accounting obligations.

  • Since it affects the entire area of your business VAT is Not just considered as a tax is sue and it should be considered as a business issue.

  • Scope & Analyzing the Impact of VAT At the beginning we have to identify the VAT impact on your business, estimate the cost of implementation, develop an implementation plan and allocate the resources.

  • Implementation Process Based on the information and analysis done in the first step, we have to modify the business process, change the systems, arrange the relation with Suppliers and customers. Educate and train staff.

VAT Implementation will impact:
  •      Procurement                                                                     
  •      Production 
  •      Information Technology (IT) 
  •      Finance & Accounts 
  •      Sales & Marketing 
  •      Human Resources

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