VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect Tax, and charged at each step of the saling (goods or service ), Ultimate consumers general
ly bear the VAT cost while businesses collect and account for the tax .In a way acting as acollector on behalf of the goverment.

A standard rate of 59% shall be imposed on any Setting (goods or service ) 
All commercial industrial and professional activities are subject to VAT with a standared rate of 5%, except for some activitis 
that will apply zero rate and some are exempt from tax.

Ideal System will ensure to your company the accuracy of Implementation & understanding how VAT works, financial records,supported documents & Filing and VAT Report.

Our Services:

•Registration and Cancellation of the company with the Federal Tax Authority 

•Providing a preparatory tax consultation. 

•Providing a tax accounting consultation. 

•Coordination with the company's accountant regarding the necessary amendments to the accounting system.

• Preparation and submission of tax returns to the Federal Tax Authority. 

• Provide tax consultations related to value added tax for companies and all sectors.

• Follow-up with the auditors of the Federal Tax Authority during their visits and discuss them in all tax topics and matters that related to the VAT.

• Sending circulars and instructions issued by the Federal Tax Authority to the taxpayers immediately after issuing them and preparing workshops and educational courses for members of the tax system in the company.

• To carry out all stages of audit and objection with the Federal Tax Authority.

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